St. John's Preschool of Elma
2131 Woodard Rd, Elma, NY  14059   
 652-2700   [email protected]

Entrance Requirements
St. John's Preschool of Elma offers classes for 3-year old and 4-year old children. Children must be 3 or 4 by December 1 of the current school year.  All children must be reasonably toilet trained
Your Child's Schedule - It's up to YOU!
Are you new to the area? Is your child finally "ready" to attend preschool? St. John's Preschool of Elma accepts enrollment throughout the school year. You may call to schedule a visit anytime!
St. John's Preschool of Elma is now offering TWO SESSIONS of classes; morning and afternoon. All sessions will be Mixed Ages (3's and 4's) and offered Monday - Friday,. Therefore, there are No Set Days for 3's and 4's classes. 3's and 4's WILL BE GROUPED according to age when it comes to instruction time, project time etc, so each is focusing on skills appropriate for the age level. You can pick and choose a schedule that suits your needs:
Morning Session    8:45 am - 11:45 am  Traditional Setting
This is a "traditional" format:  there is free play, circle time, center time, snack, music, art etc in a preschool appropriate structured format. There is time to play, sit and listen, follow directions, and complete age appropriate academic work.
Afternoon Session    Noon - 3 pm   Higher Level Thinking Setting  
     Our afternoon curriculum is centered around projects for those who are ready for a higher level of thinking. Children are given a lunch time, nap time, and center time. During center time, academic projects, music, or art activities are planned. 
There is no requirement to the number of days scheduled, and the Sessions do not need to be the same each day. For instance, your child may attend the Morning Session on Monday and Friday, but the Afternoon Session on Tuesday.  You are free to choose the schedule that meets your needs.

You will register your child's schedule for the YEAR. If changes are required (perhaps your work schedule changes) speak with the school Director, who will determine if class size will allow your child to switch sessions. There will only be 16 students per session, so register and submit your child's schedule as soon as you can to ensure that you get the sessions you desire. 

Snack is part of the preschool schedule each day. Parents can sign up for a snack day at orientation which is at the beginning of the year. We ask that you provide a healthy snack and juice on a rotating basis for all students enrolled. Suggested snacks are crackers, cheese, granola, fruit, vegetables, raisins, among others. If there are any food allergies in the classroom, all parents will be notified to bring pre-packaged foods so that ingredients can be checked. 

The preschool program will start the Monday after the Labor Day holiday and run through to June, three weeks after Memorial Day. We follow the Iroquois Central School District calendar for holidays, vacation weeks and school closings.  We do not take the Iroquois early dismissal days; instead we use our own half-days for our field trips on different days throughout the year.  If you have any questions, you may reach Audrey Caya, Director, at 652-2700 or through email:  [email protected]
St. John's Preschool of Elma 2131 Woodard Rd Elma,NY 14059 716-652-2700

St. John's Preschool of Elma admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.
The First Day of School is the Monday after Labor Day, the second Monday in September.  

Orientation for Returning Parents is the Saturday after Labor Day at 9 am.

Orientation for New Parents is the Saturday after Labor Day at 11 am.